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Current exhibition


Vanessa Enríquez

Curator: Frida Robles

16 OCTOBER 2021 - 12 JANUARY 2022

Around the world, the oldest artistic expressions are linked to a spiritual approach and most of them have been discovered inside caves. The cave is a universal archetype of self-reflection and communication with other kingdoms, closely related to the symbol of the “heart”. Using the heart of the cave as a mythological setting and anchor, Vanessa Enríquez has withdrawn and connected over the past year to the ancestral practices of drawing, singing and ritual using the VHS magnetic tape as a drawing tool, musical instrument and talisman.

Previous Productions

DRAWING POWER – Children of Compost

Group exhibition

Curator: Joana P. R. Neves

26 JUNE - 30 SEPTEMBER 2021

The exhibition DRAWING POWER – Children of Compost explores the sometimes unsuspected power of drawing to act and reflect on current ecological issues. Drawing creates shapes and representations, diagrams and patterns, scenes and figures. We need these new representations to imagine differently, and thus change our role on the planet: the way we conceive of life is the way we realize it.

Previous Productions

Tout un film !

January 16 - February 28, 2021

The exhibition TOUT UN FILM! presents a collection of specimens selected from the collections of La Cinémathèque Française, which mingle with the works from the artists’ workshops as well as the collections of their galleries. Our selection sheds light on the cross influence of these two arts, from storyboarding to the very material of the making of the film, celluloid.

Previous Productions


Daniel Otero Torres

Curator: Anaïs Lepage

March 13 - June 17, 2021

Tierradentro , in English ”the land of the interior”, is the name of an archaeological site located in a mountainous and steep area of the Cauca Valley in Colombia on the Pacific coast. Famous for its hidden tombs and monumental monolithic sculptures, it houses the remnants of the pre-Columbian culture of the same name. Inspired by the architecture and location of the Drawing Lab, Daniel Otero Torres designs an exhibition covering the spaces of an underground tomb.

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