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October 14, 2023 — January 7, 2024

Artist: Noémie Sauve

Curator: Anne de Malleray

In Latin, the word admiratio referred to a form of wonder mixed with astonishment, the starting point, according to Aristotle, of all philosophical inquiry.

Today, the French term has lost this double meaning. Wonder, associated with naivety and childhood, is thus commonly opposed to scientific observation and the desire for knowledge. Isn't it this affect that pushes some humans to become passionate about the study of natural environments and other living things?

For Noémie Sauve, inspiration always begins in contact with a field. This exhibition presents works from two scientific expeditions - Tara (2017) and Vulcano (2021). On site, the artist collects data, samples, colors and shapes. Back in the studio, she explores multiple formats and techniques, between drawing, sculpture and chemical reactions of materials, seeking to restore the invisible and threatened worlds of corals or the incandescence of a volcanic stone.

Noémie Sauve's artistic practice is driven by a form of admiration, a curiosity shared with the scientists she meets in the field. Navigating freely and without hierarchy between the naturalistic and the fantastical registers, she creates works that, in the mode of analogy and diversion, invite us in turn to wonder and inquiry.

Anne de Malleray
Curator of the exhibition Admiratio


NOEMIE SAUVE0159 detour

It's both spectacular and at the same time it requires a lot of patience, we have both in the same object, The Possible Island Vulcano Residence, 2023, 12 x 16.5 cm, copper electrolysis, silver lacquer and watercolour on paper. Courtesy of artist © Katrin Backes


The artist/curator duo

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Noémie Sauve

Self-taught artist, draughtswoman and sculptor, Noémie Sauve draws up a plastic iconography of contemporary fantasies around the domestication of elements, animals and landscape through the exploration of forms and materials. She regularly collaborates with scientists and seeks to defend the complexity of living organisms as a principle of fundamental autonomy. She is regularly invited to participate in projects combining art and science (Tara Pacific in 2017 or Vulcano in 2021). Her artistic practice also permeates many areas in which she is fully committed, such as the creation of the Clinamen Association's Contemporary Agricultural Art Fund (FACAC).

Born in 1980 in Romans, she lives and works in Paris.


© Photo Samuel Gratacap


Anne de Malleray

Between 2014 and 2022, Anne de Malleray directed the magazine Billebaude and led the scientific and cultural programming of the Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature (François Sommer Foundation). She invited researchers in the humanities and life sciences, artists and practitioners to contribute to a theoretical and sensitive reflection on our relationship to the living. She now directs a collection at Actes Sud and continues her research and curatorial activities within the collective La Déménagerie.

Born in 1984 in Paris, she lives between Paris and Brittany.

The artist/curator duo