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Anniversary of the Aurelie Nemours Foundation — 20 years

Aurelie Nemours, Structure du silence, 1983, Huile sur toile, 80x80cm

To commemorate the 20th anniversary of this Prize, with a delay due to the pandemic, an exhibition is organised by the Aurelie Nemours Association with a choice of works by each of the laureates, presented in the rooms of the Drawing Lab, 17 rue de Richelieu in Paris from June 30 to September 21, 2022.
The exhibition will be accompanied by a catalogue and its opening will coincide in the same venue with the presentation of the 2021 prize to Pe Lang and Marianthi Papalexandri-Alexandri on 30 June 2022 by Mr Xavier Darcos, Chancellor of the Institut de France.

Circinus. Three points. Two traits

Whatever the drawing, it always starts with a dot, then a line to a second point, and so on. A bit like the projection of a future journey between point A and point B. This is also in this way that we connected the stars in the night sky, how the constellations were drawn and how they are still represented today.

This succession of points linked by lines, which allows us to project and imagine a drawing in space, is intended to be the starting point of the Circinus project.


The Pulp-e project questions the construction of the image, in its reappropriation, in its writing, in its transposition, includes the body, in order to make us wander in possible narratives. The title refers to the specific typology of pulp (popular comics) and the addition of the E proposes a concrete meaning, the pulp. A hybrid title, the exhibition will present several states: scenarios, set elements, films. The popular and folkloric forms taken up and drawn by Benjamin Hochart will go beyond the framework of the sheet of paper and the Drawing Lab will become the theater of a new narrative whose various scenarios will be activated by the spectator.