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Ser uma mistura, um desenho, um desejo (To be a mixture, a drawing, a desire)

April 25 — June 15, 2024

Artist: Efe Godoy

The exhibition Ser uma mistura, um desenho, um desejo (To be a mixture, a drawing, a desire) is born from the desire for mixing, from the desire for encounters, from the ordinary natures and feelings that pass through us. What is your favorite animal? Why do we hug an object while thinking of someone? What drives our desire to build memories on this planet? Through drawing, Efe Godoy tries to establish a fantastic world where all existence is truly possible and enchanted. On this occasion, the artist will create a site-specific work in collaboration with the Drawing Lab's audiences. Efe Godoy will invite visitors to come and deposit an object of emotional value in the exhibition but that they no longer wish to keep. The proceeds of this collection will be donated to Emmaus Solidarity.

During his residency, the artist will develop a solidarity system thanks to the organization of a participatory workshop for the creation of works set up with a class from the Maurice Ripoche kindergarten (14tharrondissement of Paris) and beneficiaries of associations. This program will allow Efe to create 2 murals, inspired by children's drawings, installed in the school's refectory and on one of the school's exterior walls, in the public space.

This new residency program by SAM Art Projects is designed as a precursor to the opening of La Collective, the future center of creation and solidarity of Thanks for Nothing. In 2028, La Collective will spread over more than 3,500m2 to become one of the major cultural facilities on the Left Bank, aiming for artistic excellence, accessibility to all audiences, and this, with an international influence. SAM Art Projects' residency program will be fully integrated into the program.

While waiting for this opening, Sandra Hegedüs, founder of SAM Art Projects, invites Efe Godoy for a residency in Paris in 2024. The Brazilian artist, who defines herself as "myopic and transvestitious", benefits from tailor-made support thanks to:

— the reception by the art and ecology residency STRATA X LES ARCHES CITOYENNES by providing a workshop within this third place and its rich ecosystem for a period of three months;
• fine art materials generously donated by Caran d'Ache to enable him to work;
— the restitution of his work in a two-month solo exhibition at the Drawing Lab in Paris.

Efe Godoy, Pedacinho. Courtesy de l'artiste

Efe Godoy, Pedacinho. Courtesy of the artist

The artist

Efe Godoy, Soif de connaissances pour vivre une vie d’aventure. Photo Lucas Miguel

Efe Godoy, Thirst for knowledge to live a life of adventure. Photo Lucas Miguel

Efe Godoy

Brazilian artist, myopic, Brazilian, poet, transvestite, image-maker, Efe Godoy explores hybridity through various languages (video, drawing, painting, performance, music) with an emphasis on childhood memories and spontaneous fabulations. Born in 1988 in Sete Lagoas, Brazil, she now lives and works in Belo Horizonte. Efe Godoy studied at the Escola Guignard UEMG and completed his training through several artistic residencies in Brazil (Bolsa Pampulha, Belo Horizonte 2015/2016) and abroad (Montevideo, Uruguay 2018, Hemiencuentro _Instituto Hemispheric Ny University, Mexico 2019, RUÍDO BLANCO in Argentina, 2022...). Among her transformative experiences, she includes her participation in the VERBO festival at the Vermelho Gallery in São Paulo, the Sarp Prize of the Museum of Ribeirão Preto in 2020, her nomination for the PIPA AWARD 2022, the CASA MOVENTE – ESCOBAR WORKSHOP – ENTRE IJUÍS/RS in 2023. This year, she is also preparing a solo show project at the Zona Maco in Mexico City. In a simple way, it tries to influence people's lives with the resonance of the word "affection".

Efe interacts on social media, strengthening the intimate links between life and art: @efegodoy.

SAM Residences


Founded in 2009 by Sandra Hegedüs, SAM Art Projects is a non-profit organization that promotes artistic exchange between North and South, between East and West. SAM Art Projects provides financial and human support to contemporary artists based in France or in countries outside the major art markets. Supporting the production and visibility of artists are at the heart of SAM Art Projects' commitment, whose action revolves around a prize awarded each year to a French artist. In 2018, Sandra Hegedüs received the 2018 Montblanc Prize for Arts and Culture for France, rewarding her commitment on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of SAM Art Projects. Sandra Hegedüs is president of Villa Arson.

Instagram @samartprojects

SAM Residences

Since its creation in 2009, SAM Art Projects has integrated three axes of support for creation into its philanthropic program: the SAM Prize (endowed with 20,000 euros and awarded each year to a French performing artist presenting a project for a foreign country, outside Europe and North America (15th edition in 2023 and new component launched in 2022 with the Villa Arson), the SAM residencies (which have welcomed and exhibited in France more than 20 artists from 19 countries) and the carte blanches.

By renewing today this residency program that was suspended in 2020 due to the health context, Sandra Hegedüs, Founder of SAM Art Projects, reinforces her committed support for the production and dissemination of contemporary art while encouraging artistic exchanges between North and South and between East and West.

The program of the SAM Art Projects x Thanks for Nothing Residency

Selected and invited for a period of three months by the SAM Committee, the artist is accompanied by Thanks for Nothing throughout his residency. Each of them is tailor-made for the artist and integrates 3 fundamental dimensions:
— Accommodation in a residential studio for the duration of the residency to allow the artist to develop his work in the Parisian and French context;
— The promotion of the artist's work through the organization of a highlight of restitution and exhibition in a partner place. This exhibition also makes it possible to mobilize the networks of cultural professionals to give the artist professional perspectives and to envisage new collaborations in the continuity of his residency;
— Finally, the artist undertakes to integrate a solidarity system through the organization of a participatory workshop for the creation of a work set up with priority education schools and associations supported by Thanks for Nothing.

Views of the exhibition