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Ce qui me traverse

20 March - 16 June 2018

ARTIST : Gaëlle Chotard

Curator: Valentine Meyer

Gaëlle Chotard is primarily interested in drawing and experiments with all possible, also inventing it in 3D in space. After putting down her sketches and washes on paper, she uses the infra-thinness of the piano strings, metal sheaths diverted from their initial function, which she stretches, weaves, perforates, hooks and suspends. Taken as a sculpted material, all their physical properties are revealed: fragility, lightness, transparency allowing the play of shadow and light.
Lymph nodes or comets, his inspiration oscillates between the organic and the astro-physical, the mental and the landscape.
Daring to go to the essential, daring to explore an interiority, the quest for an intimate depth in order to project it into physical space, this is what it is about with "Ce qui me traverse" (What passes through me), a title borrowed from the verses of Aragon, is all about.
"Will you ever know what's going through me?
What upsets me and invades me
Will you ever know what pierces me?
What I betrayed when I twitched" *
To be as close as possible to an emotion, the one in front of a landscape, to translate this lightning crossing the body into an allegory of a meteorite crossing space.
For her exhibition at the Drawing Lab, Gaëlle Chotard creates an in situ installation: the frame, begun in the workshop, was finalized in the place in order to experience the spontaneity offered by drawing and understanding of space. The artist shows the drawing in volume and tension but this time placed in darkness, like a shadow theater as well as an unprecedented choice of drawings and washes made between 2014 and 2018.

Valentine Meyer, curator of the exhibition

* Louis Aragon « Le Fou d'Elsa », Paris, Editions Gallimard, 1963.




Gaëlle Chotard, Sans titre, 2017, 23x31 cm, encre de chine sur papier, © Gaëlle Chotard, Galerie Papillon
Gaëlle Chotard, Untitled, 2017, 23x31 cm, Indian ink on paper.
Courtesy of the artist, Galerie Papillon Paris



MONDAY 19 MARCH 2018 | 6pm-9pm
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Portrait Gaëlle Chotard

Gaëlle Chotard

Gaëlle Chotard was born in 1973 in Montpellier. She lives and works in Nogent sur Marne.
She studied in Paris and Vancouver, Canada. In 1998 she graduated from the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris. She has been exhibiting since 1999 in French and international institutions and her works enter collections both in France and abroad. She is represented by Galerie Claudine Papillon in Paris and Galerie Quai4 in Liège. Since the beginning of his career, his trajectory has become clearer. Drawing, in the broad sense, becomes central. It dialogues with the space of the various architectures that Gaelle Chotard confronts.
Portrait Valentine Meyer

Valentine Meyer

Member of the International Association of Art Critics (AICA), she holds a master's degree in finance and marketing (Paris IX Dauphine), a master's degree in art history (Paris I Sorbonne) and a 3rd cycle "Curating Exhibitions" from the Zurich University of the Arts (ZhdK), where she had as mentors Beatrix Ruf and Heike Munder.

After working 10 years successfully in innovation marketing and developing new projects for multinationals (Unilever, WPP/Peclers Paris), working and living in China, she realized that this was not the meaning she wanted to give to her life.

Back in Paris she was the assistant of Claudine Papillon, with whom she collected. She was also a member of ADIAF. This reinforced his desire to reorient himself professionally in contemporary art which is his passion and to start from scratch from Zürich. During her studies, she worked for the Cabaret Voltaire, Dada Haus (Exhibitions and performances: Claude Lévêque, John Giorno, Carlos Amorales, ...) whose resources she doubled in 3 years and the Architektur Forum (2008-2010).