FEBRUARY 24th – MAY 21st 2017: STRINGS

Artist: Keita Mori
Curator: Gaël Charbau

Keita Mori, Strings, 2017, © ADAGP Keita Mori, Photo Rebecca Fanuele Courtesy l’artiste et la Galerie Catherine Putman, Paris.


“With Strings, Keita Mori will take on all spaces at the Drawing Lab to develop an ambitious project on migration, travel, and the shift between two moods, two border states. With his singular technique of vast murals made of yarn, his exhibition is a metaphor of a journey directed by the rhythm of the fragile landscapes that constitute our memories and imagination.”

Gaël Charbau


Keita Mori, Strings, 2017, © ADAGP Keita Mori, Photo © Rebecca Fanuele, Courtesy of the artist and Galerie Catherine Putman, Paris.



Keita Mori was born in 1981 to Hokkaido in Japan, he lives in Paris and works in Montreuil.

Keita Mori, artiste“In the works of Keita Mori, architectural and constructed spaces often provide subject matter. The artist has set rules for himself that allow him to create illusionistic spaces, often on a single wall, with nothing more than taut threads and points of glue. This extreme economy of materials forces him to synthesize his motifs and to geometrically restrain forms in his compositions. It is then in the mind of the viewer that space is reconstructed, according to the multiple indices left by volumes and perspective.

Based on this very classic visual vocabulary, the artist succeeds in producing surprising landscape effects, mixing the 3D aesthetics in wire, engineering sketches, and even cubo-futuristic drawings.
Most of the time, his works, which are created using black threads, forsake shadows and polychromy, retaining only the fragile and temporary skeleton of the figures that compose them.”

Gaël Charbau


Gael Charbau, commissaire d'exposition

Gaël Charbau is an art critic and independent curator. He founded the art newspaper Particules in 2003, which he ran until 2010.
He regularly organizes exhibitions in Europe and Asia, and collaborates with various patrons, including the Belle de Mai Foundation, the French Institute, the Hermès Foundation, the Audi Talents Awards program, the Emerige Group, École du Sud, and more.
Since 2014, he has overseen plastic arts programming at the Collège des Bernardins in Paris, as well as the development of contemporary art at Universcience at Palais de la Découverte and Cité des Sciences. With the network of southern France’s national art high schools, he is developing the Inventeurs d’aventures program, which in 2017 will hold an assortment of events and exhibitions on the young contemporary art scene in the south of France.


What kind of impressions of your exhibition at the Drawing Lab do you have left?

Keita Mori: During the 14th days of the exhibition setup, the Lab was a real laboratory, between the workshop and the place of presentation, I have great memories of it.

What kind of result did this exhibition give to your work?

K.M.: Throughout the exhibition Strings, I started to understand that not only the caracteristic of the string influences my drawing but also that it can suggest recommandations to our today’s society.

What comes next?

K.M.: The video Strings is now exhibited at the National Art Center in Tokyo.