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6 - 24 February 2018

ARTIST : Valentin van der Meulen

Line between

Beyond the formal programming established by the Drawing Lab selection committee and in order to boost the inter-exhibition periods, Christine Phal offers visitors an interactive exhibition with Valentin van der Meulen's drawings.

Free is an art installation designed by artist Valentin van der Meulen. This installation invites visitors to discover contemporary drawings inspired by photos of individuals as if taken on the spot, questioning the codes of the current image.
It encourages visitors to question the importance and influence of images in today's society, whose daily lives are constantly invaded by the media and social networks. He also wants to get viewers thinking about the process of making a work of art.

After a period of contemplation, spectators are invited to intervene directly on the works using the tools at their disposal. They are free to write, comment, color, cover, saturate or express themselves on the works.



Vue de l'exposition Free, Valentin van der Meulen, 2018, Production Drawing Lab Paris

View of the exhibition Free, Valentin van der Meulen, February 2018
Production Drawing Lab Paris
© Valentin van der Meulen


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Portrait Valentin van der Meulen © Alfredo Salazar

Valentin van der Meulen


French artist, born in Lille in 1979, Valentin van der Meulen lives and works in Paris

He draws and cultivates his inspiration from all kinds of achievements that are not in contemporary art such as news photography, press, documentaries, cinema and architecture.

Always worked from images that have not been produced for him to draw, his achievements tend to make photography and its subject lose all context. The spectator could not link them to a specific event or to a news item that the photo at its origin was supposed to represent. Subsequently, his drawings are partially or totally erased or covered. Alteration or continuity of the process of the act of drawing, these erasures are carried out both in the workshop and during happenings.

To alter the image is to erase as much its subject as the object that is the image. Make it elusive or revealed, placing the viewer between "what has been" and "what remains". Because this is the real subject: confronting the container and the contents, making the witness drawing, the original image a starting point. To bring out a new reading born from the residual traces of the act and the drawing.

Beyond these elements proposed to the viewer, Valentin van der Meulen's work therefore leads us to consider the work as a process bringing together the stigmata of events felt in the present time of the exhibition. By this, do not consider its reading without temporality, without notions of ephemeral, memory and heritage.