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22 March - 15 June 2019

ARTIST : Nikolaus Gansterer

Curator: Jeanette Pacher

"Drawings are a theater of gestures, a way to materialize an idea between sight and hand." Newman Reviews

Taking this quote from the British artist Avis Newman as a starting point, the exhibition by Nikolaus Gansterer, an Austrian artist, highlights a broad conception of drawing that apprehends it as a process, that realizes and recognizes the both established and supposed potentials of this art form, as well as those that can still be revealed through experimentation and curiosity, and who imagines various forms by which the drawing can be made manifest, materialize and take shape.

In addition to drawing, Nikolaus Gansterer's artistic practice includes sculpture, cartooning, video, performance and artistic research. Considering the process of thought and that of drawing as analogous, he deals with a fundamental question: how to translate and visually represent mental processes, whether conscious or unconscious. Thus, he explores how drawing can become a communication tool, a score or an instruction for concrete actions. It is by seeking a playful way to deal with the complex levels of speculative knowledge that Gansterer has developed, since the early 2000s, an artistic practice of his own. To express and demonstrate the concrete reality of perception, he applies a unique performative grammar, as, for example, in his series in the course of TransLecture, in which the flow of his ideas and thoughts is manifested in captivating drawings, diagrams and arrangements that he makes on a kind of laboratory table, and which are filmed and recorded from above.

Like Avis Newman, who asserts that there is a direct link between drawing and thought when he says that drawing operates as an "account of the functioning of thought" and that it "represents a space of questioning, response and invention, thus becoming a philosophical activity", Gansterer is intimately interested in the processes of transposition of human understanding, appealing to all the senses. He explores the different ways in which these immanent and situational constructions of meaning could evolve into a radical form of autopoiesis in which a line of thought would become a line on paper, a line in space, or a verbalized line and then again a line articulated by the whole body, or, by becoming a collective performance score, an object.

Excerpt from the text )( ) DRAWING AS THINKING IN ACTION

Jeanette PacherException




Nikolaus Gansterer, Thinking Drawing Diagram, craie sur tableau noir, 2011 © Nikolaus Gansterer

Nikolaus Gansterer, Thinking Drawing Diagram, 2011, chalk on blackboard.
© Nikolaus Gansterer



THURSDAY 21 MARCH 2019 | 5pm-9pm
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Portrait Nikolaus Gansterer © Loïc Thebaud

Nikolaus Gansterer

Nikolaus Gansterer studied Transmedia Art at the Vienna University of Applied Arts (1997-2002) and then continued his studies at the Jan Van Eyck Academy in Maastricht, the Netherlands (2005-2006). He is the co-founder of the Transacoustic Research Institute in Vienna and lectures at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, Austria, where he was invited as a professor at the Research Center in 2016.

As an artist, performer and researcher Nikolaus Gansterer is deeply interested in the relational field that develops between drawing, thought and action. In his installations and performances, he traces the translatability / translation of the phenomena of perception in an artistic environment. In his transmedia/transmedial works, he focuses on mapping ephemeral and emerging processes, developing their immanent structures of interconnection and questioning the imaginary threshold/boundary between nature and culture, art and philosophy.

From 2014 to 2018, Nikolaus Gansterer was the principal investigator of the interdisciplinary artistic research project Choreo-graphic Figures: Deviations from the Lines in which innovative systems of notation between lines of drawing, writing and choreography were explored and developed.

Nikolaus Gansterer presents performances, exhibitions and conferences in an international context.


Portrait Jeanette Pacher © Sophie Thun

Jeanette Pacher

Born in 1968 in Sunderland, United Kingdom, she moved to Austria in 1977. She lived and worked in Vienna where she studied journalism and communication science as well as art history at the University of Vienna.

Jeanette Pacher is a contemporary art curator. Since 2007, she has produced some forty exhibitions at the Vienna Secession in close collaboration with international artists among her a wide variety of large-scale immersive installations, film and video installations as well as spatial and site-specific interventions. She teaches at the Site-Specific Art Department of the Vienna University of Applied Arts and was a member of the editorial board of Ö1 Kunstradio, she hosts a weekly radio show dedicated to radio art. She has completed a number of projects as an independent curator and editor.