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Benjamin Hochart

Benjamin Hochart Portrait

Benjamin Hochart

Born on March 17, 1982 in Seclin, France

Lives in Aubervilliers and works in Paris

After graduating from the National Higher School of Fine Arts in Lyon in 2006, Benjamin Hochart was a resident of the La Seine research programme at the National Higher School of Fine Arts in Paris (2007-2009), the International City of Arts in Paris (2007), the French Institute in Stuttgart (2009) and the French Institute of Cluj-Napoca (2015).

Over the past 15 years, his work has been the subject of numerous solo and group exhibitions; it is present in public and private collections in France and abroad.

A PhD student in the RADIAN programme, he is currently preparing a thesis on creation and research in art entitled “To overthrow, assemble: popular artistic activity”.


Benjamin Hochart’s work is undeniably in line with contemporary art, but it also claims the influences of raw art, decorative or folk arts, various textile practices, genre cinema, comics and science fiction as witnesses to an artistic practice based on the non-hierarchy of genres and the arts. Mixing various references, his work proposes forms with multiple readings that attempt to disrupt the established order, while exploring the political potential of marginal positions from countercultures or popular cultures. The aim is to give visibility to all genres called “minor” or “bad” without creating a rupture between life and the production of artistic forms.

By experimenting with various mediums and processes (drawing, textile work, installation, performance, video, publishing, etc.), Benjamin Hochart’s research reveals, among other things, questions relating to the study of systems of representation, everyday life, the monstrous and the decorative; he tries to produce a protean work, both poetic and political.


2022 – Pulp ,curator: Fabienne Bideaud, Drawing Lab Paris

2018 – If I can’t dance, I don’t want to be part of your revolution, curator: Tiphanie Dragaut-Lupescu, The Quadrilateral, contemporary art centre, Beauvais

2018 – If I can’t dance, I don’t want your revolution, Studio Pilote, Paris

2017 – If I can’t dance in your revolution, I’m not coming,Spatiu Intact Foundation, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

2015 – Cannibal ,The Drawer – drawing cabinet, Paris

2015 – Zombies, Tomorrow, Grrranit Gallery, Belfort National Scene

2009 – The Cavalier Perspective/Im Blick der Herrenreiter, Institut Français de Stuttgart

2008 – Tour (squared), curator: Sandra Cattini, Fort du Bruissin, contemporary art centre, Francheville (FR)



2021 – Hiroshima Art Document, curator: Pascal Beausse, Former Bank of Japan, Hiroshima

2021 – Research residence, Villa Medici, Rome, with the collective Four Lizards in Human Skin (Lina Hentgen, Benjamin Hochart, Alice Laguarda, Maxime Thieffine)

2021 – Happy Together, Gilles Balmet collection, Baudouin Square Pavilion, Paris

2019 – Action! The perforated drawing, Curator: Joana P.R. Neves, Drawing Now Art Fair, Le Carreau du Temple, Paris (FR)

2013 – The left over method, curator: Marion Daniel, Radiator Gallery, New York City (US)

2013 – Andrew?, curators: Lamarche – Ovize and Emilie Renard, The Gallery, Contemporary Art Centre, Noisy-le-Sec (FR)

2011 – The draughtsman as a prestidigitator, curator: the Roven Platform, house of magic, Blois (FR)

2009 – Re-make, curators: Charlotte Jones and Jenny Richards, 7 Barclay Terrace, Edinburgh (SC)

2009 – The LaLa, curator: Tony Brown, PRAXIS Space, gallery of LaSALLE, Singapore (SG)

2008 – The Clearing, curator: Pascal Beausse, International Triennale of Contemporary Art, Narodni Gallery, Prague (CR)

2006 – Goods to Declare, curators: Nahum Tevet and Sandra Weil, Bezalel 100 / Terminal 1, Tel Aviv (IS)

2006 – Sculptocracy, curator: Anita Molinero, RLBQ and gallery District, Marseille (FR)

2006 – Works in progress, Museum of Modern Art, Saint-Étienne (FR)