22nd MARCH 2019 – 15th JUNE 2019: ) ( ) DRAWING AS THINKING IN ACTION

Artist : Nikolaus Gansterer
Curator : Jeanette Pacher

Nikolaus Gansterer, Objects Yet To Become #8, 2017/2019, wall drawing, ca. 175x305cm, ©Rebecca Fanuele


In his artistic and performative practice, Nikolaus Gansterer applies an expanded and open notion of drawing based on his understanding of thinking and drawing being analogous processes. He is thus concerned with the fundamental question of how to translate and visualise thought processes, both conscious and subconscious. Presenting several new and on-site works next to existing ones, Gansterer’s innovative methods such as ad hoc notations, self-reporting, or space-body diagrams are explored and together cast a fresh light on drawing, namely as a tool for thinking in action.

Jeanette Pacher

Nikolaus Gansterer, Thinking Drawing Diagram, chalk on blackboard, 2011


Nikolaus Gansterer, ) ( ) DRAWING AS THINKING IN ACTION, 2019, © photos Rebecca Fanuele



Nikolaus studied Transmedia Art at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna (1997–2002) and completed his studies at the Jan van Eyck Academy at Maastricht in The Netherlands (2005–2006). He is co-founder of the Institute for Transacoustic Research in Vienna and lectures at the University of Applied Art in Vienna, Austria where he was Guest Professor at the Center Research Focus in 2016.

As an artist, performer, and researcher Nikolaus Gansterer is deeply interested in the relational field that unfolds between drawing, thinking, and action. In installations and performances he traces the translatability of phenomena of perception into an artistic environment. In transmedial works, he focuses on mapping ephemeral and emergent processes, unfolding their immanent structures of interconnectedness, and questioning the imaginary threshold between nature and culture, art and philosophy.

Gansterer’s fascination with the complex character of diagrammatic figures has led to his book Drawing a Hypothesis(2011/2017) on the ontology of shapes of visualizations and on the development of the diagrammatic perspective and its use in contemporary art and science. From 2014–2018, Nikolaus Gansterer was leading key researcher of the interdisciplinary artistic research project Choreo-graphic Figures: Deviations from the Linesin which innovative systems of notation between the lines of drawing, writing and choreography were explored and developed.


Jeanette Pacher is a curator for contemporary art. Since 2007, she has realized around 40 exhibitions at the Vienna Secession in close collaboration with international artists, among these a wide variety of large-scale, immersive installations, film and video installations as well as spatial and site-specific interventions. She lectures at the Site-Specific Art department at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, and was member of the editorial board of Ö1 Kunstradio, a weekly radio show dedicated to radio art. She has realized a number of projects as freelance curator and editor.