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Blur is in the abode of ghosts

Artist news

Galerie C_Mathieu Dufois_dossier de presse

March 7 to April 12, 2024

Gallery C — Contemporary Art

E. Léopold-Robert 1A — CH–2000 Neuchâtel

+41 79 414 00 15

Press release

Through the gesture of drawing, Mathieu Dufois conducts an archaeological dig into individual and collective memory. Memory, whether sensory, constructed, or fragmented, bubbles beneath the surface of consciousness. Sometimes traces of a previous past, or even a trace of a space and time that is different, the artist’s images thus cross dimensions.

Mathieu Dufois’ work explores temporalities and dimensions to show the image of a floating (in)consciousness of memory. Drawing on an imaginary baggage of collective and individual references, he delivers the action that takes place in the shadows through fragments and plays of light. This fabrication of a moving image thus reveals a way of approaching singular drawing that leads the medium to transcend categories and techniques to acquire a protean quality.


© Mathieu Dufois, “Liminal 01”, black chalk drawing, 114 x 108 cm, 2023