Support Drawing Lab Paris!

Along with the opening of Drawing Lab Paris and Drawing Hotel, and with the success of DRAWING NOW Art Fair, we are developping a society revolving around drawing, and contemporary art in general, offering to gather art amateurs and experienced ones.

We wish to gather them within our D. society (Drawing Society), which allows all its supporters to participate financially and play a part into the Drawing Lab artistic program, while benefit a wide range of services and advantages, according to the level of participation.

From under 30, who can join for 30 euros with D. experience, to D. lovers who can join for two, for 250 euros, any amount donated will benefit from tax advantages of the Endowment Fund for Contemporary Drawing, that is to say a tax deduction of 66% for private individuals, and 60% for societies.

Take advantage of the events of Drawing Lab and DRAWING NOW Art Fair, while benefit discounts on the Drawing Hotel’s services : rooms, bar and boutique!