The programmation of this non-profit space is defined by the artistic committee.

Lucie Picandet, winner of Drawing Now 2019 Price

February 2020

Agent Saveur, Agents Saxiphrages, Série des Emophones, Celui que je suis, aquarelle et gouache sur papier, 2019, 30x42cm, crédit photo de l’artiste

Lucy Orta : View of the Laboratoire, Amazonia drawing, ©courtesy of the artist

Lucy + Jorge Orta

Curator: Blandine Roselle

Spring 2020

Even though the practice of drawing is an essential component of their projects, Lucy and Jorge Orta have never shown the complete process of their creation. However, throughout its development, their drawings not only witness an original idea and its metamorphosis until it emerges in a given physical form, but also feed the reflection and evolution of the project. The idea is to activate their drawings and explore the creative development as a work in its own, a moving, changing, evolving, emerging work. The exhibition project consists in transposing the workshop (laboratory of ideas) into the Drawing Lab, which becomes the Orta’s temporary laboratory.

Vanessa Enriquez

Curator: Ece Pazarbaşi

Summer 2020

The exhibition proposed by Vanessa Enriquez for the Drawing Lab uses VHS tapes as a meta drawing material to activate the meta spaces of the DrawingLab. The exhibition space becomes an architectural structure, a metahpor for a cave, whereas the magnetic tape becomes a drawing instrument. The projec furthers Enriquez’s exploration of the aesthetic and transformative possibilities of VHS tape in response to the research of Mexican neurophysiologist Dr. Jacobo Grinberg, whose work investigated ancestral techniques used by shamans, geometric stimuli and meditation and their e ects on brain activity.

Vanessa Enriquez, Until I disappear (stripes), iron oxide from VHS on paper, 30x40cm each

Daniel Otero Torres, Observatorio, 2017, Pencil on paper, 154,5×114,5 cm

Daniel Otero Torres

Curator: Anaïs Lepage

Autumn 2020

Tierradentro, in English « the earth from indisde », is the name of an archeological site located in a mountainous and steep area of the Cauca Valley in Colombia. Famous for its hidden underground tombs and monumental monolithic sculptures, it shelters the remains of the pre-Columbian culture with the same name. Daniel Otero Torres designs an exhibition for the Drawing Lab that includes the main features and meanings of a pre-Hispanic burial tomb. By incorporating architecture with the brutalist elements of the building into his design, he created a tomb of forgotten battles dedicated to popular and mythical figures abandoned by history.