March 20th – June 16th 2018: Ce qui me traverse (What pierces me)

Artist: Gaëlle Chotard
Curator: Valentine Meyer

Gaëlle Chotard, Ce qui me traverse [What pierces me], 2018, exhibition view, © Rebecca Fanuele


Gaëlle Chotard is above all interested in drawing. She explores its innumerable possibilities, also creating a three-dimensional variant in space. After putting her sketches and wash drawings on paper, she employs “infrathin” piano strings and metallic cable sheaths, which she stretches, weaves, pierces, crochets, and hangs. Treated like sculpted materials, all of their physical attributes are revealed: fragility, lightness, and transparency allow for the interplay of light and shadow.

From lymph nodes to comets, she shifts between microorganisms and astrophysics, between mental and physical landscapes.

Daring to get to the essence, exploring inner life, and engaging in a quest of personal profundity, is what Ce qui me traverse (What pierces me) is about, with a title that quotes a line of poetry by Aragon.

“Will you ever know what pierces me
What upsets and comes over me
Will you ever know what pierces me
All that I betrayed with a shiver” *

Being as close as possible to an emotion, like what one feels before a landscape, and transposing what rushes through one’s body as swiftly as a meteorite crossing space.

For the Drawing Lab, Gaëlle Chotard has created a site-specific installation in the first room. Its basis was started in the studio and completed on location in order to experiment with the spontaneity of drawing and understanding of space.
In the second room, it is a matter of drawing three-dimensionally, in tension. But here it is presented in darkness like in a theater of shadows.
In the third and last room, a previously unseen selection of drawings are presented that have been made since 2014.

Valentine Meyer

* Louis Aragon « Le Fou d’Elsa », Paris, Editions Gallimard, 1963.


Gaëlle Chotard, Ce qui me traverse, 2018 © photo Rebecca Fanuele



Gaëlle Chotard was born in Montpellier in 1973. She lives and works at Nogent sur Marne.

She studied in Paris and in Vancouver, Canada. in 1998 she obtained her degree from the École des Beaux-Arts de Paris. She has exhibited since 1999 in various French and International institutions and her work is present in collections in both France and abroad (Villa Tamaris centre d’art, La Seyne-sur-Mer, Fonds national d’Art contemporain, FRAC Haute-Normandie (…) ).

She is currently represented by the Papillon Gallery in Paris and the Quai4 Gallery in Liege, Belgium

Since the beginning of his career, his trajectory has become clearer. The drawing, in the broad sense, becomes central. It dialogues with the space of the various architectures to which Gaelle Chotard confronts.

Solo* and group exhibitions (selection):

2018 Ce qui me traverse, Drawing lab, Paris*; Tension, Villa Bernasconi, Grand-Lancy/Genève, Swiss, 2017 Percées, Le Carré, Scène nationale et Centre d’art contemporain, Château Gontier*; Interstices, Villa Tamaris centre d’art, La Seyne-sur-Mer*; Open Museum, carte blanche à Alain Passard, Palais des Beaux-Arts de Lille; Dépaysements, l’Art chemin faisant, Pont-Scorff; Vibrations, Galerie Quai4, Liège, Belgium, 2016 Gaelle Chotard, dessins, sculptures et gravures, Les Quiconces l’Espal, Le Mans*; Nouvelles Vagues,
 Une commande d’art imprimé, Carré d’art , Nîmes ; Expérience Pommery #13, Gigantesque !, Reins ; 198920072016, Galerie Papillon, Paris; 2015 Galerie Quai4, Liège, Belgium*; Etre étonné, c’est un bonheur!, Chapelle de la Visitation – espace d’art contemporain, Thonon-les-Bains, 2014 Fixer des vertiges, galerie Papillon, Paris*; A main levée, carte blanche à Frédérique Lucien, La Couleuvre, Saint-Ouen, 2013 Dans la ligne de mire, Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Paris ; De la lenteur avant toute chose…, Espace abcd, Montreuil, 2012 Parce que la carte est plus importante que le territoire, Immanence, Paris et Fondation Louis Moret, Martigny, Swiss ; Collection Philippe Piguet, collection d’aujourd’hui, Centre d’Art Contemporain de Saint Restitut, 2011 A travers, galerie Papillon, Paris*; Expérience 5 Faux-Semblants, Musée des Beaux-arts de Tours.

Monographs edited during his personal exhibitions:

Gaelle Chotard, Interstices, Ed Villa Tamaris centre d’art, texts by Robert Bonaccorsi, Valentine Meyer and Philippe Piguet, 2017,

Gaelle Chotard, Ed. Filigranes, texts by Philippe Piguet and Valentine Meyer, 2011, Trouble, Ed. Filigranes, Saison #25, text by Gaël Charbeau, 2006

To come up:

Gaelle Chotard, Dessins 2007- 2017, Ed Le Carré, Scène nationale – Centre d’art contemporain du Pays de Château-Gontier, a proposal by Bertrand Godot, 2018


Member of the International Association of Art Critics (IAAC), she holds a master’s degree in finance and marketing (Paris IX Dauphine), and in art history (Paris I Sorbonne). She also graduated from the Zurich University of the Arts with a degree in “Curating Exhibition”, and there she had as mentors Beatrix Ruf and Heike Munder.

After working ten successful years in innovative marketing and in the development of new projects for multinationals corporations (Unilever, WPP/Peclers Paris), living and working in China, she realized that it was not the meaning she wanted to give to her life.

Back in Paris, she was an assistant at the Claudine Papillon Gallery, from which she collected artworks. She was, as well, a member of the Association for the International Diffusion of French Art (AIDFA). It reinforced her choice to redirect her career within the domain of Contemporary Art, for which she feels very passionate, and to make a fresh start from Zurich. During her studies, she worked for the Voltaire Cabaret, for Dada Haus (exhibition and performance: Claude Lévêque, John Giorno, Carlos Amorales, …) – in which she doubled the resources in three years – and for the Architektur Forum (2008-2010).

After being a speaker at Essec (Cergy) and at Zhdk (Zurich), since 2012, she had been the director of the artist residency program for the Dena Foundation for Contemporary Art during five years. It was founded by the art collector Giuliana Setari in collaboration with private and public institutions, including the National Arts Council of Singapore.

In parallel, she is a curator. The last exhibition named Open Museum Alain Passard took place in the 22 000 m2 Palais des Beaux-Arts of Lille (from Avril, 7th to July, 14th 2017, 60 000 visitors).

Lately, she worked on a project for Alexandra Fain, the co-founder of Asia Now, Paris Asian Art Fair (from June to November 2017).

She took part in several panels, in addition to the ones of the Dena Foundation, including at the DNSEP, the National School of Arts of Annecy and Artagon (2016).

Finally, since 2004, she has initiated a dialogue of trust with Uli Sigg, and she has developed projects with him. He is a business man and the former Swiss ambassador in China. He is regarded as one the major collectors of Chinese Contemporary Art. His donation of 1473 artworks to M+, museum in Hong-Kong, is considered as the most significant in the world. As such, on October 2016, she organized his first conference in Paris, at the Pompidou Center, with the collaboration of the Swiss Cultural Center.