October 16th 2018 – January 9th 2019: Danse de travers

Artist: Christian Lhopital
Curator: Jean Hubert Martin

Christian Lhopital, Danse de travers, 2018, graphite powder on wall, detail, © Rebecca Fanuele


The purpose of Christian Lhopital’s project is to drive the visitors in a movement that accompanies and envelops them during their journey. A long parietal artwork will go from the staircase to the large room, alternating ghosts, spirits and other revenants which are dear to the artist, at the pace of a frantic sarabande, a wrongly Dance. The overlapping of biological organs, of mutant cells and oneiric figures oscillate between the burlesque and the macabre. Paper panels covered with drawings fall from the ceiling, which create a breach in the panoramic view.


Christian Lhopital, Danse de travers, 2018, © photo Rebecca Fanuele



Christian Lhopital was born in 1953 in Lyon where he lives and works. Graduated from ENBA in 1976, drawing came to him thanks to its mobile and light practice, a sheet of paper, a ballpoint pen. In 1982, he undertook very large format drawings on paper mounted on canvas that were exhibited at MAC Lyon in 1985. Since 1991, he has covered his large drawings with washing China ink and gesso, the Recouvrements. In 1998, he started with Broken Shadowsthe first series with repeated paterns, « kinematics », which was exhibited at Casino Luxembourg. In 1999, he created his first scupture/assembly with cuddly toys plunged in white paint that was placed in front of his first graphite power wall drawing. In 2012, he produced L’énigme demeure UNLMRTD, a wall drawing on dismantled panels for MAC Lyon. This spring, he created his 20th wall drawing of 6 x 30 m, A Kind of Mind – vue de l’esprit, at GMoMa in Ansan, South Korea.


Jean-Hubert Martin was the director of the Kunsthalle Berne, of the Musée d’art moderne Centre Pompidou, of the Musée des arts d’Afrique et d’Océanie, Paris and of the Museum Kunst Palast, Düsseldorf. He run the artistic programmes of the Oiron Castle and of PAC, Milan. His interest in non-western cultures led him to create open-plan exhibitions by confronting artworks with heterogeneous nature, and thus to favor a renewal of the look. He was the curator of many biennals and major exhibitions: Paris Berlin (1978), Paris Moscou (1979), Magiciens de la terre (1989),Carambolages (2016).