Drawing Lab Paris


Founded by Christine Phal and the Endowment Fund for Contemporary Drawing (Fonds de Dotation pour le Dessin Contemporain), the objective of Drawing Lab Paris is to endow contemporary drawing with enduring means for sustainable practices. Drawing Lab Paris is a private art center dedicated to the promotion and dissemination of contemporary drawing. It is above all a place of experimentation and production with drawing in all its forms, by providing contemporary artists with the possibility to explore drawing’s full spectrum. Artists are invited to occupy the 150m2 space, to try on new techniques, to create innovative works of art, and to propose a new point of view on contemporary drawing.


Drawing Lab Paris is located on the lower level of the Drawing Hotel, which was founded by Carine Tissot. The Drawing Hotel is not what we commonly call an « art hotel » or a « themed hotel », but so much more. Our vocation is to put the artists’ work forward, enabling the client to enter a true piece of art ; five artists were chosen by Carine Tissot, the director, to seize each oor of this boutique hotel.
The all had free rein and it created a unique atmosphere: creativity and originality were the only guiding principles. Ideally located in the very luxurious first district of Paris, near the Comédie Française, the Louvre Museum and the Musée des arts decoratifs, the hôtel and the art center will definitely benefit from this artistic proximity.


The Drawing Shop, which creates a link between the Drawing Lab and the Drawing Hotel, is the foremost outlet for contemporary drawing in Paris. It is located at the 17, rue de Richelieu. The bookstore offers many publications about contemporary drawing in French and English. Art enthusiasts will always find something to satisfy their curiosity. This shop dedicated to drawing has a stationary section with an elegant assortment of notebooks, sketch pads, pencils, and more. Selections made in partnership with high-quality French brands. A whole section of the shop is aimed at children and focuses on learning to draw. To highlight the original work of every artist who has decorated the floors of the Drawing Hotel, the Drawing Shop furthermore offers printed editions created by each of them.


© Rebecca Fanuele