June 28th – September 8th 2018: Drawing Lab : Summer Cinema

Programme of drawing and animated videos of the young European scene

Artists: Jérôme Allavena, Vincent Broquaire, Susi Jirkuff, Pernille Kjaer, Thomas Léon, Massinissa Selmani, David Shrigley


On a proposal from Christine Phal – Founder of Drawing Lab and of Drawing Now Art Fair – the artistic committee members have invited emerging artists of the young European scene to present drawing and animated videos.

Daria de Beauvais, Sandra Hegedüs, Elsy Lahner, Philippe Piguet, as well as Christine Phal have selected one or several artists. Seven artists with different artistic worlds have been chosen to offer an insight of the young contemporary creation.

This programme of videos reveals the diversity and the wealth of contemporary drawing which keeps surprising. Drawing takes possession of the site and comes to life through various forms.

Thanks to this event, the Drawing Lab carries on its main mission: to free drawing from the sheet and to present prospective artworks.


On a proposal from Daria de Beauvais: Thomas Léon, Ecdysis (2018)

On a proposal from Sanda Hegedüs: Massinissa Selmani, Histoires parallèles (2008) et À côté ! (2010)

On a proposal from Elsy Lahner: Susi Jirkuff, Ginny (2015) and David Shrigley, The Artist (2012)

On a proposal from Philippe Piguet: Jérôme Allavena, Niveaux (2008) et Émergence (2007)

On a proposal from Christine Phal: Pernille Kjaer, Toby (2017) and Vincent Broquaire, Muséiformes Ep. 10 (2016) and Stratum (2016)


Drawing in the age of video and digital art

Since their inception, new technologies have impacted artistic creation. An integral part of the initial stages of visual art conception, drawing has also been affected by this phenomenon. Having always explored and made use of new technical developments, artists today enthusiastically use digital tools both for video and animation art.

As they employ video techniques or CADD (computer-assisted design and drafting) and subsequent applications like Photoshop, e-Design, and Paint, artists have to grapple with a different temporality and a modified relation to supports and space. Surprising new creative worlds thus meet the eye of unsuspecting beholders. Whether narratives or single units, shown on a monitor or projected onto screens or walls, drawings that employ new technologies necessitate the eyes to look at an image for a certain duration at a time when the surfeit of images in everyday life today has limited our gazes to a strict minimum. Beyond all technical considerations and whichever means an artist chooses to use, the prerogative of this type of drawing is that it lets us relearn how to see by simply taking the time to see.

Philippe Piguet
Art historian and art critic,
Independent curator,
Member of the Drawing Lab’s selection committee