During the exhibitions, the center organizes many complementary events to deepen the reflection on contemporary drawing. Historians, researchers or sociologist are regularly invited to question the issues, possibilities and limits of contemporary drawing, as well as enlighten work of the artists welcomed at the Drawing Lab.


Friday, the 28th of June at 7pm:

Talk around the exhibition The Projective Drawing led by Brett Littman, Director of the Isamu Noguchi Foundation and Garden Museum in New York and curator of the exhibition

Brett Littman discusses the origins and philosophy of the exhibition and how the concept of the projective drawing expands our interpretative understand of the medium.


  • Strings – exhibition by Keita Mori, accompanied by the curator Gaël Charbau
    Wednesday 19th of April, 2017, at 7pm – Conversation between Gaël Charbau, curator, and the artist Keita Mori
    Wednesday 17th of May, 2017, at 7pm – Conversation led by Gaël Charbau, between Dana Diminescu, sociologist and professor at Télécom Paris Tech and the artist Keita Mori
  • Cité-Fantôme – exhibition by Pia Rondé and Fabien Salei, accompanied by the curator Léa Bismuth :
    Wednesday 10th of January 2018 at 7pm : Conversation between the duo, Pia Rondé and Fabien Saleil, and the curator Léa Bismuth, the architect Luca Merlini and the Drawing Lab’s Director, Christine Phal.
  • Ce qui me traverse – exhibition by Gaelle Chotard accompanied by the curator Valentine Meyer :
    Wednesday 31st of May 2018, at 7pm : Conversation between the artist Gaelle Chotard and Valentine Meyer.
  • Danse de travers – exhibition by Christian Lhopital accompanied by the curator Jean-Hubert Martin :
    Tuesday 4th  of  December, at 7pm : Conversation between the artist Christian Lhopital, the curator Jean-Hubert Martin and the Drawling Lab’s director Christine Phal.

Keita Mori, Strings, exhibition view, detail, 2017, © Rebecca Fanuele